a ribbon and a prayer | Ongoing

The project reveals the social and cultural transformation of locations formerly dedicated to working and/or commercial activities, living, leisure, into “houses of God”. Small warehouses, industries, laboratories, farms have been forced to stop their activity, due to the globalization, or the change of political and economic paradigms. The religion communities are refurbishing those places, turning […]

Miss T.V.’s room | 2019

On the second floor of the ancient Venetian palazzina, in a corner of Campo Santo Stefano in the sestiere of San Marco, there is a room of its own. Just over eight square meters to which is entrusted the telling of another story. Miss T.V.’s room (Miss T.V.’s room) is an intimate place where Massimiliano […]

Al di là dell’acqua | 2017

Al di là dell’acqua (HaitianCreole Lot Bò Dlo) The project is developed inside the cargo vessels of the major shipping companies operating in the Mediterranean Sea, exploring inside the new travelling “house” of the sailor and its “link” with the house on the earth, with connections also to the anthropology of the domestic things. A […]

6 p.m., working time is over | 2013

Ore 18.00, l’orario è finito / 6 p.m., the working time is over is a photographic project developed by Massimiliano Camellini inside the former Leumann cotton mill of Collegno (Turin) from 2010 to 2013, curated by Lorand Hegyi. Massimiliano Camellini photographed the interiors of the antique Leumann cotton mill of Collegno (Turin) which was at […]

Laboratory obsession | 2010

The work of the special effects artist for the cinema could be considered as the creation (or re-creation) of subjects, through the remains of his artworks; it could be seen as his past, and at the same time his present, represented by the result of man’s reproduction of lifeless raw materials, as forever told by […]

New arenas | 2009

The world of hockey as a theatre of the very movements and emotions of a contemporary arena … From the darkness emerge weapons, helmets, muscles, anxiety and the wait for the adversary; transfigurations and symbols of a collective and unavoidable image …. The gladiator and the arena have always existed in history, in cinema, and […]

Tram Frame | 2008

Moments of people’s life in the urban context and inside the same means of transport (the tram) which link the “time frame” to a constructed, uniform “space frame”, which gathers together all the individuals who are inside. An experiment of the territory of contact between the passing of time on one hand, and the cyclical […]

Duel | 2006

“In this case, the location, only just hinted at, is a gym. The duel is between two foil fencers who are faceless, ageless and sexless (a tapered and fine hand does appear, however, caressing the hilt with inadvertent sensuality). Masks, objects therefore – the masked figures are attired in their outfits like metaphysical mannequins – […]

The Flyers | 2004

“It is a work on the circus that starts from the art of the trapeze to express the search for flight, the dream of Icarus.”

Beyond the cages | 2000

From the world of animals and the captivity are portraited different ways of communications, they represent a careful consideration on the freedom as first need of each living being … Charles-Henri Favrod wrote “some of them make an effort to propose a new point of view and work exclusively inside nature. It is true that […]