The Flyers | 2004

“It is a work on the circus that starts from the art of the trapeze to express the search for flight, the dream of Icarus.”

“What they show stands out from an absolutely black background in contrast with the bright, iridescent universe reflected in the eyes of circus spectators. This choice produces two effects: by eliminating any form whatsoever of decoration, to strictly limit the subject of the photographs to the trapeze artists and to the instruments of their art and to transform the artists into bright entities, radiant figures who stand out on a dark backgroundQuesta scelta , victorious over the nothingness threatening from every direction to swallow them up.
Ecstasy of the imagination, miracles of the illusion, splendid photographic artifices that, in the instant of a flight, of a shot, of a glance on the final image, make seem real the most exalted dreams of man ….”
(from “Exaltation”, Jean Arrouye, 2004)