Tram Frame | 2008

Moments of people’s life in the urban context and inside the same means of transport (the tram) which link the “time frame” to a constructed, uniform “space frame”, which gathers together all the individuals who are inside. An experiment of the territory of contact between the passing of time on one hand, and the cyclical nature of daily time, lived in the same space on the other. The tram has always been considered in the collective imagination as a symbol of simplicity, the repetition of its route, always following the same circuit.

The “frame” of the window is the instrument that tells of the time and the emotions felt by different people in the same experience and through the same place … a moment of life, mounted together with others …. an imaginary cinema montage that tells us of different ways of life, an infinity of emotions, curiosities, ages of mankind; a tram that, through photography, would tell more things than those that happen during the 45-minute journey from one terminus to the other.

Note by the author

The artist does not wish to violate or challenge the privacy and the rights of the subjects of these images, indeed he hopes to be able to continue to tell the fantastic, never-ending story which began with these photographs, relying on the help of the subjects portrayed, adults and children alike, who gave the artist an instant of their “public” time, a unique and unrepeatable moment. The proposal is a simple one: if anyone recognises their own picture, the artist will be happy to give that picture to its subject. In this way, the tram will go by the same stop on the same day … and it shall be an honest, genuine way, beyond the laws of man, to render that instant timeless ….