Massimiliano Camellini, born in Venice in 1964, currently lives and works between Milano and Reggio Emilia (Italy). In the 1990s he began to work with research photography, influenced by his focus on reportage. In 2001 he started to develop projects based on series of works dedicated to universal themes and belonging to macro-categories. The first series of works is dedicated to the “instincts and dreams of mankind”, as told by history, literature and myth, researching their heritage in the contemporary era; belonging to this cycle are Beyond the Cages (2000), The Flyers (2004), Duel (2006), New Arenas (2009) and Laboratory Obsession, from science to dream (2010). 

A new theme, “fragments in time”, aims to identify in the present signals and images telling the passing of time: Tram Frame (2008) is the first work of this series.

After 2010, he moved to bodies of work upon the “transformation of places”, working with medium format cameras, and realizing important projects, exhibited worldwide, among them 6 p.m., working time is over (2013), Al di là dell’acqua/Lòt Bò Dlo (2017), and the last one, still ongoing, a ribbon and a prayer.  

Massimiliano Camellini recognizes the contribution received by important artists and photography curators who supported his artistic career, including Vasco Ascolini, Charles-Henri Favrod, Jean Arrouye, Enrica Viganò, Manuela de Leonardis, Andrea Tinterri, Massimo Centini, Lorand Hégyi, Veronica Della Dora, Benedetta Incerti.

Alongside his research photography, Massimiliano Camellini has always run teaching activities, including photography presentations and university lectures, cross-contaminating photography and other sciences, such as anthropology, geography and history.

He has also collaborated with other artists, in the occasion of artistic and theater performances, and wrote reviews for the cinema Italian magazine “Rifrazioni, dal cinema all’oltre”. 

His artworks are included in several permanent collections of contemporary art and photography museums worldwide.